Pan Blog: Exclusive Kayron Gracie interview

Discretion and hard work are two characteristics of Kayron Gracie. Being the son of IBJJF president Carlos Gracie Jr., the young black belt knows that when he steps up to compete the pressure on him is greater than that on the other athletes.

There will always be those who say winning a close contest was the result of the influence of a famous father. At the 2010 Pan, Kayron left no room for nitpicking. With brilliant performances, the then-recently-promoted black belt started out his fledgling career in the top flight convincingly. On his march to the gold medal he took out Abmar Barbosa and Sérgio Moraes, displaying an unpassable guard and spot-on sweeps.

In 2011 Kayron is saving himself for the Worlds, in June. Even so, we take a look back at the 2010 Pan with five questions. Among other things, Kayron addresses the importance of the title to his career. Head to the GRACIEMAG at the Jiu-Jitsu Pan Blog to check out what went on in the conversation.

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