Pan absolute finalists defined

Rodolfo beats Braga Neto on way to the final. Photo: Dan Rod.

The finalists in the men’s and women’s black belt absolute divisions of the 2011 Pan are underway have been defined in Irvine, California.

In the men’s absolute, Rodolfo Vieira stormed through the competition, beating the likes of Antonio Braga Neto, with a choke. At the other end of the bracket, Bernardo Faria, the champion from 2010, made it through to the final after defeating Marcus Bochecha by 6 to 4. Bochecha was doing fine up until that point, beating Gabriel Vella in the quarterfinals.

The finals will take place this Sunday, with a live broadcast on Budo Videos.

Luanna fecha com Gabi. Foto:Dan Rod.

The absolute female division is already done, with Alliance’s dynamic duo of Gabrielle Garcia and Luanna Alzuguir repeating their feat from 2010 and shut out the final. Luanna beat Bia Mesquita in the semifinal, while Gabi submitted Luiza Monteiro.

Check out the complete coverage in detail at the GRACIEMAG at the Pan Blog.

And stay tuned to; this Sunday the champions of all the black belt divisions will be defined.

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