Pan 2017: See who faces whom in the black belt open

Leandro Lo is among the favorites for the absolute championship. Luca Atalla/ Gallerr

On an eventful day 2 at the 2017 Pan, with the thrills of the masters’ up to brown and the women’s blue belt absolute, won by Nicole Evangelista (Brasa CTA), the headline was the definition  of the brackets for the men’s black belt absolute, which kicks off Saturday.

Leandro Lo, Erberth Santos, João Gabriel Rocha, Alexander Trans, Ricardo Evangelista and Mahamed Aly will join the lighter Marcio André and Lucas Lepri. There is also the awaited arrival of recently promoted Nicholas Meregali, who swept every brown belt tournament he took part in last year. His black belt debut will be against Otávio Nalati.

In the women’s section, the audience can feast their eyes on fights by Bia Mesquita, Andresa Correa, Tayane Porfírio, Bianca Basílio (Tayane and Bianca will face in round 1), Samela Sohamy and Ida “Xuxu” Floisvik.

Curious to know what the first-round matches are? Check out the brackets below and let us know who you think will win the big one this year.

Men’s open division 1/2


Men’s open division 2/2

Women’s open division 1/1

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