Pan 2011: Alliance ends camp and Jacaré promotes hero of his

Romero and his latest black belt, Army Ranger Troy Thomas / Photo: Publicity

As reported by Kid Peligro on, Romero Jacaré is excited about Alliance participating at the 2011 Pan, a hotly-disputed IBJJF tournament to kick off tomorrow morning in Irvine, California.

Following the training camp held from the 14th to the 19th of March in Atlanta, Jacaré commented, on Kid’s website:

“We completed our preparations for the Pan. We had a week of intense training with Lucas Lepri as the guest instructor here in Atlanta. Among those present were competitors from the USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Ireland. Our team is ready for war. And we have elite troops coming in from Brazil. There will be over one hundred athletes on Alliance’s A team,” reported the team’s co-founder.

“This week I also promoted nineteen instructors, who are now ready to teach beginners. And I promoted Major Troy Thomas to black belt – he’s one of my heroes for his tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. Troy is one of the main Army Rangers Jiu-Jitsu instructors at Fort Benning, and he’s an excellent person,” said Romero in praise.

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