Our mistake, sorry!

We have made a mistake in GRACIEMAG’S last issue. The GMA section featured New Years messages from our members. Over 40 of them answered our request to send their feelings about what they wish for 2010.
Along with the messages, each member also sent a picture of his team, himself or his master.
That was the case of our member Harvy Berman, chief instructor of the Warrior Way Academy, in Walled Lake, Michigan.

Berman is a devoted disciple of Carlos Henrique R. Elias, aka “Caique”, and so he chose to represent his hopes for the new year a picture of his master receiving the red and black belt from Rickson Gracie.

Caique receives his red and black belt from Rickson

The Image was capture at Caique´s academy, in California.

By mistake, the picture was subtitled as if it was sent by another GMA member, in this case “Relson Gracie Columbus”, in Ohio.

For that we apologise and republish the picture.

Know more about Harvy and the Warrior Way, go to

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