One more black belt on the scene

Letícia promotes Bia.

Letícia Ribeiro’s prized pupil left the 2011 Pan with two medals hanging from her neck and a new color around her waist.

As reported on the GRACIEMAG at the Pan Blog, where one can find all the details regarding the event, on Saturday Bia had three matches in the absolute. First she beat Naoko Watanabe, then she caught Michelle Nicolini by the foot. Now with her bronze medal guaranteed, she had a hard-fought bout with Luanna Alzuguir, but ended up losing by 4 to 0. On Sunday, she closed out the lightweight division with her teammate Ana Carolina Lebre and took the gold medal.

Her performance was enough for Letícia to decide to reward Bia her black belt.

She had the following to say about her emotion-filled weekend: “Third place in the absolute, first in my weight division and I got my black belt to boot. I’m overjoyed!”

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