On UFC exit, Gonzaga hints at Jiu-Jitsu return

Napão back to his roots.Photo: publicity.

After losing three of his last four fights in the UFC – the last to Brendan Schaub –, the promotion where he fought since 2005 ended up giving Gabriel Gonzaga his walking papers and now the fighter is considering retirement from MMA.

“A lot of folks are asking me the same thing: whether I’ll fight again. I really don’t know,” he said on a video posted on Youtube.

“In MMA I’m not sure, because I won’t fight if it isn’t for much money. The UFC paid me well. There are other organizations and, if they make me a good offer, I’ll fight again. But I won’t be fighting too soon; I don’t know if they’ll pay me what I’m worth,” he adds.

In this next phase of his life, “Napão” may again focus on Jiu-Jitsu, his MMA roots, with his sights set on the 2011 ADCC.

“The ADCC is coming up and I’ll train for that. I should compete in some grappling tournaments again,” he remarks.

Check out the video:

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