Nivaldo comments on Léo Nogueira match and focuses on Abu Dhabi

Nivaldo's match against Léo Nogueira / Photo: Carlos Ozório

Nivaldo de Oliveira had to sweat to get his way at the World Pro tryouts in Gramado, Brazil. Along his way he had to face down Rodrigo Inglis, João Zeferino, André Bastos, Léo Nogueira and Giovane Guedes.

“The championship was solid and the division, really tough. I already expected that, because it was the last chance for the Brazilians to qualify and I imagined it would be really full. The cream of the Jiu-Jitsu crop was here. I feel I couldn’t really get in my groove early on, but I got better with every match,” the black belt told

In one of his toughest bouts, Nivaldo got the better of Léo Nogueira.

“He’s one tough adversary, he always does well in all the competitions. He had already beaten me before and now was a good chance for me to get revenge. I used strategy and carried out the game plan I’d been working on with Rodrigo Cavaca in Santos. I knew he’d be the toughest guy in the division.”

Now the focus is on Abu Dhabi, at the World Pro.

“I’m stoked. I tell all my friends that the most important thing is to be happy to fight. Aside from that I have to be well trained, because I’m aware there will be a lot of good guys there. I’m going to put up a fight!” he says.

“CheckMat will take a solid team over there. Besides me there’ll be Cavaca, Bochecha, Michelle Nicollini, Helder Bob Esponja, Marina Ribeiro, Bruno Pucci and Alan Finfou, among others,” he says in closing.

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