Ninja confirms fight at Dream and talks Bitetti Combat

While some fighters focus on a single event or nation to build their careers in MMA – if just for contractual reasons –, Murilo Ninja has the opportunity to fight in three big events, in distinct nations. His next bout will be at the December-12 Bitetti Combat show, against striker Jason Jones, and was already confirmed to appear at Shine in March of 2010, in the United States. In a chat with, Ninja confirmed he will also be fighting February in Japan, at Dream. Here is what he had to say:

I fight February in Japan” Murilo Ninja

How are preparations going for Bitetti Combat?

I trained a lot and I’m on a diet for the fight. I’m going for the win.

Murilo walks out at Bitetti Combat. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

Murilo walks out at Bitetti Combat. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

What do you expect from your opponent, Jason Jones?

He is an aggressive fighter, who goes on the attack, has good muay thai. He’s not easy to take down either, has good wrestling and knows judo. In my opinion, he probably hasn’t trained much Jiu-Jitsu.

At the last installment of the event you got the knockout in mere seconds. Do you expect another quick win?

I’m going to try and finish the fight as quickly as possible again. If it will be like the last one, all the better, for sure. But I’m prepared for any situation and will go for the win the whole time.

You have other fights lined up…

I fight in São Paulo now and then at Dream, February in Japan. In March I head for the United States to fight Niko Vitale at Shine.

So the Dream fight is confirmed? Who will it be against?

I fight in Japan in February. I don’t know who I will be facing yet, but it should be the same event where Fedor will fight.

You are perhaps the only fighter with fights scheduled in Brazil, Japan and the USA, the main centers of the sport. What is the difference fighting in Brazil?

Every time I fight in Brazil I win in the first round. It’s a great feeling to fight here, where it all began.

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