Nicky Rodriguez Wants To Fight Bare-Knuckle MMA: “I Think I Would Do Well”

Nicky Rodriguez recently disclosed an intriguing offer to compete in bare-knuckle MMA. On the recent episode of the Jaxxon podcast , Rodriguez first expressed his thoughts on MMA, saying: I think about it every day. I think I would do well. I do know that it would take a substantial amount of time to develop the striking and technique to compete at the highest level. I have some thoughts, like maybe I would fight for a substantial amount of money to pick some gym teacher somewhere or I’d fully commit and try to be the champ ‘cause that’s the kind of guy I am. Typically if I do something, I want to be the best at it. Rodriguez also mentioned his openness to various challenges, including boxing with minor celebrities. However, the unique proposition of bare-knuckle MMA, offered by Jorge Masvidal of GameBred promotions, stands out: I actually had (Jorge) Masvidal offer me a pretty decent cheque to do bare knuckle MMA. Unfortunately though, it didn’t work out, but anything’s open in the future. He does understand, though, that he’d need to seriously prepare for the match before he’d enter it: It definitely would take like, I would have to dedicate at least six months to a year to striking before I even thought about hopping in the cage. The post Nicky Rodriguez Wants To Fight Bare-Knuckle MMA: “I Think I Would Do Well” appeared first on Bjj Eastern Europe .
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