Morango confirms fight with Pellegrino at UFC 111

Morango in UFC debut. Photo: Josh Hedges

Morango in UFC debut. Photo: Josh Hedges

Fabrício “Morango” Camões confirmed he will in fact be facing Kurt Pellegrino to After drawing with Caol Uno in his UFC debut, in November of 2009, Morango relied on special help to not let victory slip through his fingers his next time around. On holiday in Rio de Janeiro, he took no rest and brushed up on his muay thai with Anderson Silva.

The fight with Pellegrino is set to take place March 27 at UFC 111 in New Jersey. Check out the interview with our GMA below, in which he addresses his adversary and, between the lines, he is yet another to confirm Anderson Silva’s April matchup.

Is your next opponent really Kurt Pellegrino?

That’s right. I just spoke with my manager and it’s all set. I’ll be back at UFC 111.

What do you think of this opponent?

What I tell everyone is that the best in the world are in the UFC. I went their to test myself against the best and again they gave me a big-name opponent. Kurt Pellegrino has had a lot of fights. But I don’t think there’s any mystery to him. I’m really well trained and I’m getting better in all aspects of fighting with every day, not just in Jiu-Jitsu, my mainstay.

Speaking of Jiu-Jitsu, Kurt is good on the ground. He’s gotten the finish in nine of his 14 wins. Will the fight play out on the ground?

I know he’s a grappler, that’s his strength. But, as I’m a Royler Gracie black belt, I think it would be really tough for him to surprise me on the ground. I have faith in my Jiu-Jitsu, I’m aware that’s the strong point in my game. But in there you have to look to define the fight and be ready to fight wherever the opponent is. For sure his having a lot of submissions indicates that we’ll likely work on the ground. It comes from the fighters’ tactics. Everyone wants the fight to go where they feel most comfortable. But I work at feeling comfortable everywhere.

What’s your analysis of the draw in your UFC debut against Caol Uno?

It wasn’t the result I expected. I returned home with a draw and I hope to take the win this time around. I threw an upkick that wasn’t allowed and I think the ref went a bit overboard. I’ve seen others do the same thing and they only had a warning. This time I’ll do whatever it takes to win, be it by submission or by knockout.

You spoke of getting the knockout. How is your standup game coming along?

I’ve been working on improving my standup. I’ve trained with Anderson Silva and the game at XGYM and we’ll work together when I get back to the States, too. I’m sharpening up my skills to fight everywhere. The thing is to improve and be a more complete athlete every time you get in there.

Are you still working with Royler?

I came back for the end-of-the-year holidays and to enjoy my family. This Sunday I’ll return to the United States, where I’ll carry on with training in San Diego. Royler should arrive at the end of January to work with us. As Anderson fights in April, I believe he’ll go the United States and we’ll intensify our training.

Ultimate 111 – At the same event the welterweight and heavyweight belts will be up for grabs (the heavyweight one being an interim belt) between Georges St. Pierre and Dan Hardy and Frank Mir versus Shane Carwin, respectively.

Check out the likely card:

New Jersey, USA
March 27, 2010

Georges St. Pierre vs Dan Hardy
Shane Carwin vs Frank Mir
Thiago Alves vs Jon Fitch
Ricardo Almeida vs Matt Brown
Martin Kampmann vs Ben Saunders
Mark Bocek vs Jim Miller
Fabricio Camoes vs Kurt Pellegrino
Jared Hamman vs Rodney Wallace

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