Michelle and Kyra aim high for Euro Open

Michelle Nicolini at the top of the podium after two wins / Photo: Publicity

Among the stars guaranteed to compete at the European Open Championship coming up this 27th are two world championship-winning black belts. And these two gi-clad aces very well could face off in Lisbon.

Owner of the lightweight gold medal from the last World Championship Kyra Gracie was featured today in Brazil’s O Globo newspaper telling of her eight hours of training per day six days a week for the Euro Open.

“It’s the first competition of the season, so it’s good to start off at a good pace. Then there’s the Pan (April in California), the Brazilian Nationals (May in Rio), and the World Championship (June in California),” says the fair-faced fighter to journalist Sanny Bertoldo, who slipped up by calling Kyra’s uncle “Enzo.”

The Gracie takes off for London tomorrow to undergo the final stage of her preparations with her cousin Roger.

Now the current medium heavyweight world champion, Michelle Nicolini, has already had a winning start to her year, in Portugal. Nicolini arrived in the capitol, Lisbon, on the 14th and her first order of business was to win the World Pro tryouts on the 15th, which she did after winning two matches in a row.

On the 16th she embarked for Finland, where she conducted classes and seminars. Next week she returns to Lisbon for the European Open, where she will compete in the same division as Kyra.

Nicolini in Finland

The reason being that this year holds the ADCC and the World Pro and, with her sights set on these competitions, Nicolini wants to compete in the 60kg and 63 kg divisions, respectively. According to the athlete, she is well prepared and more than confident for her debut in the division.

Some great matches between Jiu-Jitsu’s muses are coming up on the horizon.

For more information on the European Open, check out the IBJJF website and our Blog on the championship.

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