Megaton: “If Tanquinho gets out of line I’ll move up a weight group!”

Father and daughter / Photo:

Brazilian television’s “Sensei Sportv” program doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to world Jiu-Jitsu and was in Lisbon to cover the 2011 European Open at the end of January in Portugal.

Among the precious takes shot and shown last weekend on Sportv channel, some of the highlights were Sérgio Moraes’s celebration upon winning the absolute, Gabi Garcia pulling guard to win yet another gold, and the tip from doting dad Wellington Megaton to the his daughter Mackenzie Dern’s boyfriend.

“No, Tanquinho hasn’t yet been approved of. There’s a three-month trial period, but he is a tough guy, the kid’s got heart and is good people. Now if he gets out of line, I’ll move up to lightweight, he’ll see!” threatened fierce featherweight Megaton.

Check out the highlights from the 2011 Euro Open, here.

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