Light feather vs. ultra-heavy: Musumeci’s challenge at the 2020 Euros

Mikey withstands the pressure in the final seconds to secure the win.

In one of the high points of the 2020 Euros, the valiant light featherweight Mikey Musumeci, weighing around 65kg to hit the division’s limit that Sunday morning, decided to throw himself to the lions in the absolute, meaning he could face mountainous opponents weighing over 120kg. And so it happened.

In the qualifiers, Mikey was pitted against Seif-Eddine Houmine, the Moroccan GFTeam fighter weighing in at more than 130kg. Mikey’s rubber band guard was in for quite a test.

Working from the open guard, changing to the lasso guard, spider guard and some sweep attempts, as well as an omoplata attack, Mikey made himself more aggressive and avoided the pressure of Houminem who sought the standup pass and tried to choke from within the guard.

In the end, Mikey won by one penalty, handed to Houmine for lack of combativeness. Check out the whole match:

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