Lemos wins MMA debut

January 15th proved to be another milestone victory for GMA member Carlos Lemos Jr as he fought a dominating fight to win his MMA debut in two minutes and fourteen seconds!

Carlos exchanged blows with his opponent, Jason Rine, for forty-nine seconds, then he caught a leg and the fight went to the ground.

Lemos in action

Carlos immediately took mount and released a barrage of punches, forcing his opponent to give up his back. Once Carlos had his back he maintained control, transitioning to mount once to release more strikes, which again caused Jason to give up his back, leading to a finish by rear naked choke barely two minutes into the first round!

Celebrating with his team

It was a textbook exposition on the effectiveness of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and groundfighting in MMA, and surely there will be more to come from Professor Lemos!

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