Learn from Werdum: “Believe”

Werdum hoisted up by Rafael Cordeiro after beating Fedor. Photo: Mike Colón.

Fabrício Werdum believed. This season, the black belt put all his chips on Jiu-Jitsu in setting his strategy for the then “Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko, who was riding a twenty-eight-fight win streak that lasted just under ten years.

The double attack, a variation of the triangle to set up an armbar, was amply discussed on and in Gracie Publishing publications. The move didn’t just yield the Brazilian the win, but seven awards and the covers of GRACIEMAG and NOCAUTE magazines.

“The submission against Fedor earned me seven prizes. Two from ESPN, two from Inside MMA, two from Strikeforce, and on at the MMA Awards! Iradooo!! (something like “siiick!!” in Brazilian slang,” said a jubilant Werdum over Twitter.

Make the most of the video below to learn some lessons from the champion. And in 2011, believe in yourself! You will reach you objectives.

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