Leandro Lo and Tayane Porfirio win double gold at 2017 Euro; see the results

In his debut as a heavyweight, Lo got double gold at the Euro. Marcos Aurélio/Arena Jiu-Jitsu

It’s all said and done at the 2017 European Championship. The event, which shook the Portuguese city of Odivelas, ended this Sunday with the finals of the weight divisions and the absolutes. Leandro Lo won the men’s open over Cláudio Calasans (Atos) by 4-0. He also took down the heavyweight division over Tanner Rice by 11-0.

Tayane Porfírio had just as much success. She beat world champion Beatriz Mesquita in the absolute after defeating Venla Luukkonen to bag the heavyweight division.

Rubens Cobrinha, Márcio André, Igor Silva, Mahamed Ali and Rodrigo Pimpolho also won gold in their divisions. Find the complete list of black-belt champions below.


Rooster: Koji Shibamoto (Tri-Force) def. Rodnei Barbosa (Zenith)
Light feather: Mikey Musumeci (Brasa) def. Gabriel Moraes (Alliance)
Feather: Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles (Alliance) def. Gianni Grippo (Alliance)
Light: Marcio André (Nova União) def. Luan Carvalho (Nova União)
Middle: Marcos Tinoco (Alliance) def. Alec Baulding (Alliance)
Medium heavy: Rodrigo “Pimpolho” Fajardo (GB) def. Horlando Monteiro (Nova União)
Heavy: Leandro Lo (Ns Brotherhood) def. Tanner Rice (Soul Fighters)
Super-heavy: Mahamed Aly (Lloyd Irvin) def. Lucio Lagarto (GB)
Ultra-heavy: Ricardo Evangelista (GFTeam) def. Igor Silva (GFTeam)


Rooster: Serena Gabrielli (Flow) def. Outi Järvilehto (Brasa)
Light feather: Gezary Matuda (ATT) def. Kristina Barlaan (Brasa)
Feather: Mackenzie Dern (Gracie Humaita) def. Emilie Thylin (Gracie Humaita)
Light: Beatriz Mesquita (Gracie Humaita) def. Luiza Monteiro (Ns Brotherhood)
Middle: Ana Carolina Vieira (GF Team) def. Paivi Aittamaa (CheckMat)
Medium heavy: Nathiely de Jesus (Cicero Costha) def. Ida “Xuxu” Fløisvik (Roger Gracie Academy)
Heavy: Claudia Doval (De La Riva) def. Nivia Moura (Ribeiro JJ)
Super-heavy: Tayane Porfírio (Alliance) def. Venla Luukkonen (Hilti BJJ)

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