Kron Gracie vs Philipe Della Monica at 5th AZ Open

Kron Gracie against Pedro Bessa in the semifinal of the 2009 European. Photo: Diogo Valença.

On its debut as an international event in its fifth installment, the Arizona Open welcomes two more renowned black belts to its roster. 2009 Jiu-Jitsu runner-up and 2009 European Champion Kron Gracie (Rickson Gracie) is set to compete against 2009 US National No-Gi Champion and GRACIEMAG #2 Fighter to Watch in 2010 from Gracie Barra Philipe Della Monica (Gracie Barra) in a middleweight match-up.

This is in addition to the previously announced (see here) featherweight match between seven-time world champion Robson Moura (Nova Uniao) and 2009 Japanese National Champion Nobuhiko Kitahara (Axis JJ), at the 5th AZ International BJJ Open on March 13 and 14,of 2010, in Mesa, Arizona.

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