Kasai Pro 7 Weight Ins in Dallas

Kasai Pro 7 – Weigh ins

Completed in Dallas this Friday afternoon, were the weigh-ins for Kasai Pro 7. Kasai come out to Dallas last year with their super series and the reception was so great that Commander in Chief Rich Byrne decided to have their version of their 8 Man Tournament Series Heavyweight back in the the city. Putting together the great names of Jiu Jitsu on the card tournament, and a couple of pretty pretty promising Super Fights too – including the remake of the Canuto vs. Leon which ended in a bit of controversy and a video review in Orlando last time.

All fighters seemed ready to go. They all made weigh (not too hard for the Heavyweights, right?)


No Gi – 170 lbs

Renato Canuto 169.6 vs. Dante Leon 168.6

No Gi – 180 lbs.

Pedro Rocha 177.6 vs. John Combs 177.8

No Gi – 140 lbs.

Raquel Canuto 138.6 vs. Gabi McComb 138.2

8 Men Round Robin Tournament

No Gi Heavyweight

Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa 209

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu 238

João Gabriel Rocha 246.8

Nicky Rodrigues 238.6

Bruno Bastos 260

Patrick Gaudio 226

Vinny Magalhães 243.4

Kyle Boehm 222



Kasai Pro 7 – Weigh ins

Kasai Pro 7 – Weigh ins

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