Jungle Fight: beast in pink speedos wins battle of provocations and fight against Crocotá

Sérgio did the "Dança da Motinho" dance and came out the winner. Photo: Caju Freitas (@cajufreitas).

It wasn’t the ideal card for the people of the city of Vila Velha, in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. Even with hometown boy Rodrigo Damm dropping out, Jungle Fight provided some good fights for local fans.

In a fight loaded with provocations – also featuring a pink Speedo, Brazilian funk music and laughs to destabilize the opponent –, Sérgio Junior won his showdown against Crocotá. Check out who else came up spades on the night:

Jungle Fight
February 19, 2011

Sérgio Junior defeated Edilberto Crocotá via split decision

Francisco Massaranduba defeated João Paulo via unanimous decision

Renato Moicano defeated Andrezinho Nogueira via unanimous decision

Marcelo Guimarães defeated Paulão Rodrigues via unanimous decision

Ednaldo Lula Molusco knocked out Antídio Neto in R1

Wilian Santos defeated Ascir Caetano via doctor’s intervention in between rounds 2 and 3

Luis Guilherme knocked out Valdir Silva in R1

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