José Pelé, Acácio, Vanessa, Cachorrão and Rimbon bolster Kumite card

Pelé is back. Publicity photo.

This Friday the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre will be treated to some first-rate MMA, as Kumite MMA Combate rolls into town.

Joining the excitement, UFC referee Mario Yamasaki will preside over the 12-fight card.

Brazilian domestic MMA stars like José Pelé Landy, Daniel Acácio, Vanessa Porto and Flávio Álvaro, not to mention Poland’s Grzegorz Szatowski and the USA’s Andrew Chapelle and Franklin Jensen, will add some sizzle to the Southern Brazilian event.

Ceará state native Eduardo Cachorrão takes on seasoned Frenchman Moise Rimbon, who has even fought Minotauro, Overeem and Ricco Rodriguez in the past. Cachorrão faced Jon Jones back in 2008 and is coming off a knockout over Erick Wanderley.

He’s brimming with confidence in the lead-up to the fight. “He’s super well prepared, and he’ll work to get the fight to the ground, his specialty. We’re going to win, you can count on it,” said the fighter’s coach, Guilherme Santos.

Kumite MMA Combate
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul
October 28, 2011

Jose Pelé Landy vs Samuel Quito
Daniel Acacio vs Zezão Trator
Franklin Jensen vs Andrew Chapelle (USA)
Carlos Eduardo Cachorrão vs Moise Rimbon (France)
Julio Cesar Jamanta vs Grzegorz Szatkowski (Poland)
Vanessa Porto vs Jennifer Maia
Flavio Alvaro vs Gilmar Manaus
Dirlei Mão de Pedra vs Edcarlos Monstro
Alex Coruja vs Arlei Simetti
Douglas de Andrade vs Sebastian Latorre
Jonas Bueno vs Adriano Nascimento

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