Jon Jones open to showdown with Anderson

Jones after beating Ryan Bader / Photo: Zuffa publicity

A win from Anderson Silva over Yushin Okami at UFC Rio this August – a result widely expected – could mean a heck of a headache for the event’s promoters. After all, who’d be next in line to give the longest lived champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship a run for his money?

Stuck with the option fishing a rival out from a lighter weight group (GSP) or a heavier one (Jon Jones) to put the “Spider” to the test, Dana White and his buddies recently got a bit of help. The champion of the thorny 93kg (205lb) division, Jon Jones told Brazilian martial arts television show Sensei Sportv he’s in favor of a fight with his chum Anderson, who fights at 85kgs (185lbs) but often weighs over 95 (210lbs).

“Anderson Silva is the best of all times. It would be more than an honor to fight him, it would be grandiose and huge for the sport,” said Jones, then revealing why he fears no man, not his friend Anderson or another possible matchup, Lyoto Machida.

“All the athletes in there are really good. The difference is that I study everything about my opponents: their mentality, attitudes, training, and tactics,” explained Jones.

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