Jeff Glover Shows How To Do The “Donkey Guillotine”

Jeff Glover is one of the most well-known BJJ athletes in the world. He’s gained a lot of notoriety and fame for his innovative, fluid and entertaining style – which resulted in the development of Jiu-Jitsu techniques as a whole. You’ve probably seen his highlights… And if you didn’t, now is the time: So, if you’ve always wanted to learn some of his unusual setups, then here’s a Donkey Guillotine one! Glover demonstrates it on the video below: With nearly three decades of BJJ study under his belt, The Silver Fox is a world renowned Professor and highly influential figure in the BJJ community. Explore multiple guillotine variations  that will lend themselves perfectly to a variety of applications in MMA and self-defense. Study both ends of the spectrum with ideas on offense, defense, and counters that will help anyone, regardless of rank, take their understanding of the guillotine to new heights. The post Jeff Glover Shows How To Do The “Donkey Guillotine” appeared first on Bjj Eastern Europe .
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