Immune Boosting Shots

Shots. The first thing you probably think of or what comes to mind is what you may have drank at the bar the other weekend. This article, however, is not about alcoholic shots but rather the variety of shots that are good for your body! Fruit and veggie shots are delicious and healthy year-round, but especially if you experience colder months where the immune system tends to weaken. Taken on a consistent basis in addition to your training, you will feel and see beneficial changes in your overall health. The best part is you can take as many shots of these as you want, and you won’t wake up feeling like you were hit by a truck.

Here are a few ideas of wholesome, immune boosting shots:

1. Wheatgrass– To sum this up in one statement, wheatgrass is amazing for your body. In my opinion, it is the superior to everything else I will list in this article. Based off of the Hippocrates Health Institute, two ounces of wheatgrass is said to have the nutritional equivalent of five pounds of the best raw organic vegetables It is highly concentrated in vitamins C and E. It also contains all the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Wheatgrass is also known for its detox properties, especially in relation the the liver and blood. It contains high level of chlorophyll, and because chlorophyll contains high level of oxygen it has the potential to help raise red blood cell counts as well as oxygen levels.  When taken regularly, wheatgrass helps prevent aging as well as cell breakdown. In order for the body to fully absorb all the nutrients, it is suggested wheatgrass be taken on an empty stomach.

2.  Ginger- Do you remember being a kid and having an upset stomach and your parents or grandparents would give you ginger ale? At least mine did. That is because ginger has a lot of appealing qualities to the body, including anti-nausea and helping digestion.  Ginger is associated with the Zingiberaceae family, and is closely related to turmeric, cardomon and galangal. It is known for its anti-inflammatory/ pain quality.

3. Aloe- This one kind of surprised me because I always thought of aloe as a topical treatment for issues as sunburn. You can, however, drink the goodness from this plant as well! Dilute it with water to drink and you will see improvement in digestion.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar- I know this may sound a little unappealing, but these shots are awesome for you body. Not only do they give you an extra boost of energy, but they detoxify the body as well. It is also used to balance the pH of your body and skin. It is an all around great shot to take.

5. Acai- Now for all of us who train Jiujitsu, this is not an unknown word. Acai is considered a “Superfood. ” Acai is an overall immune booster. It improves heart and skin health as well mental function. It helps with blood circulation and helps cells fight against free radicals.

These are just 5 of the MANY different shots you can take to help the body. They are quick and easy and while they may not always taste great, your body will thank you. If you want to find specific recipes for different shots and/or juices there are so many online. Enjoy!

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