Hillary beats ice storm and qualifies for Abu Dhabi Pro

Brown belt Hillary Williams (Westside JJ) will fight April in Abu Dhabi, at the second World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Cup tournament. It’s a good thing for her that there’s no snow in the UAE – just artificial snow.

“There was a heavy ice storm where I live in Arkansas. We drove eight hours with the car sliding on ice; I ‘slept’ a half hours and still had to drop weight to compete. ”

“The matches in Florid,a in Boca Raton, were fine until Saturday. Another brown belt signed up didn’t even make it. I was completely worn out but I got a by and had three matches. Anyway, I’m in and everyone there’s going to be real tough … Tammy Griego also won “, she explained.

“There were some really good purple belts beating black belts, too. I believe the crazy upset of the day was Marcello Salazar’s loss in the finals, but to be honest, to me he didn’t lose. It was the judges’ decision. “

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