Here’s How To Escape The Back (EBI Overtime Start)

When it comes to events with the EBI ruleset , once the match goes into overtime each competitor gets a shot at either their opponent’s back, with both leg hooks and a seat belt – or the spider web position, aka Armbar position. And, well, if your opponent chooses the back, you better know how to escape it. Here is how to escape the back in the case of an EBI overtime start . Nicky Rodriguez demonstrates: If you want to be un-submitable, you need to check out Tom DeBlass’ “Submission Escapes”  BJJ 3 volume BJJ instructional from . In this series, he shares multiple escapes from all of the hardest to escape positions. Soon your training partners and opponents will be calling you Houdini. The post Here’s How To Escape The Back (EBI Overtime Start) appeared first on Bjj Eastern Europe .
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