Here are the top fighters signed up for the Brazilian No-Gi Nationals

João Miyao.

Slated for this weekend, the CBJJ’s Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship is another big no-gi event spicing up the 2019 season. It will take place at the Arena da Juventude in Rio de Janeiro.

With contests ranging from blue to black belt and from juvenile to masters, the event will feature a host of big names, including some of the athletes that won the IBJJF Worlds recently in the gi: João Miyao of Cícero Costha, and Cláudia do Val, who will now be representing Soul Fighters.

Graciemag took a look at the complete list and brought back the names most likely to make waves in this edition. Here they are.


João Miyao – Cicero Costha
Gabriel Marangoni – Brasa CTA
Rômulo ‘Caju’ – Vitor Shaolin BJJ
Hugo Marques – Soul Fighters
Pedro Rocha – Soul Fighters
Ygor Rodrigues – CTMR
Alexandre Vieira – BTT
Alexssandro Sodré – Nova União
Fabio Caloi – Alliance
Victor Genovesi – Alliance
Ygor Rodrigues – CTMR
Guilherme Rocha – ZR Team
Marcos Junior – GFTeam
Antonio Assef – GFTeam
Kitner Mendonça – IFC
Hugo Cunha – Infight


Claudia do Val – Soul Fighters
Gabriela Fechter – Checkmat
Mayra Mello – Alliance
Julia Boscher – Soul Fighters
Karlona Hipólito – Top Brother

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