Hendo vs. Fedor: was the ref right?

Photo: Esther Lin

Fedor Emelianenko suffered his third failed outing in a row at this Saturday’s Strikeforce show in Chicago. It was a woeful ending for someone who reigned MMA with an iron hand for ten years… perhaps.

Fedor, as with a lot of other great athletes who dazzled during the early part of the century, has proven unable to repeat the performances of days past, many of which came in the rings of Japan. There was one peculiarity in his fight with Dan Henderson, though.

Upon sliding to the Russian’s back, at a harrowing moment for him in the fight, Henderson had his turn as aggressor. Emelianenko did indeed look to have been knocked out but quickly recovered and replaced guard. It was too late, though, as Herb Dean had already called an end to the bout.

Still in the ring, Fedor showed his dismay about the interruption. It may have been the correct decision, however, in protecting the fighter’s well-being.

What are your thoughts, dear reader, did the ref get it right? Rewatch the match and comment below:

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