Guy Tries To Rob MMA Studio, Doesn´t End Well

Word to the wise: don´t rob people…especially MMA fighters. You will get hurt.

That´s the lesson some poor sap learned the hard way when he walked into Defiant MMA & Fitness in Burbank, California.

A man walked into the studio and put a gun in the instructor’s face. The instructor used his judo to subdue the man while one of the students called the cops.

The bloodied and beaten robber was taken by police officers to a local hospital. He is currently in police custody and facing attempted armed robbery charges.

Hopefully, if and when he does get out of prison, he finds a better way to make money.

Check out the video from Fox 11 Los Angeles below:

MMA fighter takes down armed robber in Burbank

Police say an armed robbery suspect tried to hold up an MMA studio in Burbank – but was taken down by an MMA fighter and left bloodied.

Posted by Fox 11 Los Angeles on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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