Guaranteed in World Pro No-Gi division, Bastos wants Pan first attended the World Pro tryouts in San Diego last weekend and brought back complete coverage of the gi-clad group. But the event also featured a No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu division, crowing Fabiano “Pega Leve” Scherner and Bruno Bastos. The two black belts closed out the weight and open weight divisions. The gold went to Pega Leve, but the ticket to Abu Dhabi is in the possession of Bruno.

“We had one match at weight before closing out, and then we had two more in the absolute. Now, I’m guaranteed at Abu Dhabi. I’m going to fight in the No-Gi World Pro and I’ll stick around for the Gi one too. I’ll do battle in both styles,” says Bastos.

Bruno and Pega Leve share podium. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

“I’ll be at the Pan. The whole Nova União crew will stay at the same hotel. Gustavo Dantas, Robson Moura, Shaoin and I will take our students. Two weeks later there’ll be the World Pro, so I don’t know if I’ll enter the absolute. It depends, I’ll speak with my physical conditioning coach and the guys on the team to decide,” says Bruno, who has a special reason for wanting to make it onto the winners’ stand:

“March 27 is my birthday and I want to win!” he warns.

In the meantime, the black belt carries on with his toil as a teacher and looks forward to further positive results in that field.

“I’m happy about how my students did at the San Diego tryouts. One of my girl blue belts, Kelly, qualified for the main event, and others did well too, earning medals,” he says in closing.

Do as Bruno Bastos and his students do: participate at the Pan. Sign-ups go until March 16. Find out more by clicking here.

On the World Pro, no need to win a tryout to fight in Abu Dhabi. Visit for details.

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