GSP humble, Koscheck too

Photo: Josh Hedges.

In the lead up to UFC 124, during recording of the “The Ultimate Fighter 12” reality show, where Georges Saint-Pierre and Josh Koscheck were the coaches of the two teams, there was no lack of provocation, mainly on the part of the challenger.

The mood remained tense up until the moment of the fight this Saturday, but following the bout, GSP once again showed why he is so beloved among fans. He went out of his way to congratulate his provocateur Koscheck, saying it was nothing more than promotion of the fight and he requested the fans’ applause for his challenger, for having faced him at home, in Canada.

“This is MMA. If you want to watch a kickboxing match, go watch that. Josh Koscheck is a true MMA fighter,” he said while still in the octagon.

“I didn’t reach my objective, which was to take him out. He’s a really tough guy. I ask everyone’s forgiveness,” he responded to the crowd in Montreal, also explaining part of his strategy.

“I know Koscheck likes to throw looping punches, and I’m a straight puncher. My strategy was to keep him away and, when he came in really strong, I’d try to take him down,” said GSP, who thought Koscheck would try and take him down more.

Josh too avoided controversy and changed his posture after the fight.

“I have no excuse, Georges Saint-Pierre is the true champion. Montreal, this was a fantastic event, regardless of the result,” he said.

“I hope to come back here some day and put on a better show. GSP was the man today,” said Koscheck in finishing.

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