GSP goes on vacation training in Abu Dhabi

Although historically there have been great MMA editions at the end of the year, the season leads us to a time of rest for the work accomplished, to reflect on the year gone by and plans for the upcoming year.

How would a victorious fighter like the Canadian Georges Saint-Pierre spend a time like this? TRAINING.

The holder of the UFC belt up to 77kg spent the week between Christmas and New Years in the historic temple of grappling, the headquarters of the ADCC at Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Invited by fellow Canadians who live in the region to give a quick wrestling seminar, GSP took advantage of the trip to sharpen up the Jiu-Jitsu at the headquarters of the Emirates Team. And he also chatted with the countless fighters of the various modes of fighting that are trained at the ADCC.

One of them was the black-belt Michel Maia, now residing in the UAE. According to Michel, St-Pierre has a good range of Jiu-Jitsu positions, very fast reasoning when fighting on the floor, and incredible muscular explosion.

“To have had the opportunity to be beside him was very good for me. The man is an example of determination and willpower. What I learned most from him was that we have to train all the time, intensively,” said Maia.

And there’s a good tip for the holidays: visit Abu Dhabi and “rest” by training.

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