GSP and Bochecha reinforce Vitor Belfort’s camp in Vegas

Vitor trains with his back defense with GSP. Photos: Disclosure/

If Vitor Belfort decided to polish his ground game, he seems to be on track.

After having the world champion Gilbert Durinho and the black belt trainer Alvaro Romano in the team, the fighter selected for UFC Rio in January, received the no-gi absolute champion, Marcus Bochecha, and the UFC champion Georges Saint-Pierre, who has recovered from injuries on both knees, which made him cancel his last fight.

“I’ve been here for a few days, and GSP arrived yesterday, everyone is very excited” said Bochecha to

“It’s an amazing experience, we’ve just moved here in Vegas and we are in a very familiar atmosphere for Vitor’s camp.  I met a very good crew, such as Alvinho, Cesar Mutante, only tough guys. I was in California helping Lucas’s (Leite) academy (Milk), and Chris Franco, manager and buddy of Belfort, gave the idea. Vitor liked, Durinho supported, and I’ll be here for at least another week. I had already done some MMA training with Luiz Banha and Edson Barboza, and now I’m even more curious to do it”, he admits.

Bochecha and Durinho practicing.

“We put on the gloves, start the training on the floor and weak blows are allowed, just to practice. See, I’m liking it, I think I’ll fight soon just to see how it is, I think I’m not far from testing myself. But just to see how is it like, MMA career, who knows, it’s for the future”, Bochecha concludes, who intends to live in California once for all, where he is teaching Jiu-Jitsu at CheckMat.

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