Graduation night at Gracie Barra America

The evening of September 6th was a special one at the Gracie Barra America headquarters, in Irvine, California.

Master Carlos Gracie Jr handed out much deserved new belts and deegres for professors and students.

Many GMA members were among the graduated.

Daniel Montanha, from GB Miami, received his 3rd deegre.

Alberto Crane rolling

Alberto Crane, leader of GB Pasadena and GB Burbank, had the black belt of one of his instructors, Juan Pablo Garcia, endorsed by Master Carlinhos.

Other than that, Philipe Dela Monica got his 2nd deegre, as well as Rodrigo Chalita and Marcos Soneca.

GMA member Felipe Jerry, from GB Huntington Beach, was also present.

Montanha (top) rolls with Mike Colón

On a personal emotion, Master Carlos gave his daughter Carol Gracie the first degree of the purple belt.

Professor Marcio Feitosa’s sister, Vivi Almeida, got the 2nd deegre to her purple belt as well.

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