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Graciemag #152 - Photo by Ivan Trindade

Graciemag #152 - Photo by Ivan Trindade

Braulio Estima és el gran campió de la ADCC de 2009, a Barcelona.

That’s Catalonian for the most succinct summary of what happened on the 26th and 27th of September, 2009, at the eighth installment of submission grappling’s world cup, held in the capital of Catalonia.

Upon having his arm raised in the absolute final, the Gracie Barra Birmingham professor celebrated his title in curious fashion: “Cover of GRACIE Magazine!” shouted Estima, certain his gold medals for the 88kg and open weight categories guaranteed him the prime spot.

And that they did.

If Braulio shone most, there were other aces who did well in Spain. Rafael Mendes felled legends and took the lead in a recent and bitter rivalry. Fabricio Werdum felt at home and won without a hitch. Pablo Popovitch finally quelled his obsession in the under 77kg category.

These stories and much more you will find on 21 pages replete with awe-inspiring images of the two days of great technique and emotion of ADCC 2009. It’s something to read and hang on to.

In Face to Face, Braulio Estima interrupted his vacation in sunny Recife to talk straight and serious with GRACIEMAG. The champion didn’t beat around the bush, assumed his weaknesses, guaranteed he still has much to evolve and didn’t hide his ambition of being the best.
Still in the realm of competition, GRACIEMAG brings coverage of the No-Gi Pan-American, MMA event Art of War, direct from Macao, China and the American Nationals.

In the GMA section, Jiu-Jitsu’s dream of being in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, black belt Kayron Gracie in Homegrown, our associates in action in competitions around the world, a no-gi position by Gregor Gracie and latest news from the network of academies spread around the world.

And there’s also Martin Rooney, ADCC 2009 supermatch champion Ronaldo Jacare, in Anthology, and Gracie Diet.

Enjoy your reading and see you in December.

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