Gracie Temecula brown belt kidney donation a success

Lance and Dave. Photo: LAFD

Exactly one month ago, posted a story about a Gracie Temecula brown belt that was going to donate a kidney to a co-worker.

Lance Dempsey, 43, is a Bay Watch captain in Two Harbors, California, and he decided to take action to save the life of Harbor Patrolman Dave Coiner, who suffers from Polycistic Kydney Disease, a genetic disorder that destroys the organs with multiple cysts.

The transplantation was a success and Lance is already home.

He talked to about how things went: ” I am doing great! I was up and walking the day after the surgery and came home on the 2nd day. At two weeks I started swimming and running again.”

He can’t wait to be back on the mats, with his professor Ricardo Guimarães: “I hopefully will start some light rolling in 4 more weeks.”

He also updates us on how Dave is doing: “Dave is recovering fast as well, the kidney took right away and he had his stent removed yesterday.”

Here is a report about the case posted on the Los Angeles County Fire Department website.

For more info on Gracie Temecula, go to

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