Governor wants UFC to spice up Brasilia’s birthday

UFC on the way to Brazil's capital? Publicity photo.

Co-owner of the UFC Lorenzo Fertitta and the governor of Brazil’s federal disctrict, Agnelo Queiroz, met this Wednesday, according to the Brazilian press. On the agenda, the possibility of holding a UFC on the 21st of April 2012 to celebrate the nation’s capital turning 52, as our collaborator Junior Samurai reports.

According to the governor’s spokesman, Cleyton dos Santos, the Ultimate Fighting Championship event would be a gift to the people on the birthday of the city, the countries fourth most populous. “We are totally in favor of the UFC coming. They will give us their position on holding an event on the date within ten days, and there is a strong likelihood of holding the event in Brazil’s capital,” he told the “Correio Braziliense” newspaper.

Lorenzo Fertitta does indeed seem excited about Brazil. In recent days, Fertitta was in the cities Recife and Salvador, places that, alongside São Paulo, Manaus and Brasília, are tipped to host future UFC events.

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