Going with winning flow, Frazatto heads for Hawaii

Frazatto gets finish in Sao Paulo. Photo: Ivan Trindade

Atos representative Bruno Frazatto had sort of disappeared from the winners’ stand in competitions. Last weekend at the National Cup, though, the black belt returned to his winning ways. With gas to spare and a burning desire to win everything out there, now Frazatto gets ready for the Honolulu Open to take place this coming September 4 in Hawaii.

“I’d kind of dropped out this year, competing at lightweight and taking care of my academy with Paulo Nikolai here in Campinas, Fighters Camp. I was having trouble reconciling teaching class with training. Now that the academy is up and running with lots of students, I can get to Rio Claro to train with the folks at Atos. I’m back at my weight, featherweight, and I think that with all this I’ll get back to having good results,” he tells

At the last event, Frazatto beat hard-nosed competitors like Mário Reis and Leon Amâncio.

“I got the tapout quickly in the first match. Then I faced Mário Reis; it was the third time we’ve faced each other. I was really well trained and focused, but you can’t slip up against him, he’s always on the attack. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I came up with the win. After that I was in the final against Leon Amâncio, on Sunday. I was calmer after the match against Mário, and I won by eight to zero,” he recounts.

Frazatto in battle with Mário Reis. Photo: Ivan Trindade

Going with the vibe from the title, Bruno has his bags packed for Hawaii. The beast is all in it.

“After this time away, now I want to compete at all the IBJJF competitions. I was invited to do some seminars in Hawaii, so I couldn’t stay out of the Honolulu Open. I’m signed up and everything. I also want to comete at the Miami Open, No-Gi Worlds and whatever else comes up. I’m training well again, doing physical conditioning with Edson Ramalho and I want to make it to the top again. I’ve got my head in the right place and I’m going to make things really hard for people!” he says in closing.

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