GMA Newsflash: the latest on our members

Lots of good news from our GM associates. Check it out.

Alberto Crane, of Legacy MMA, announces a busy week for the academy. His students will be competing at the Gracie Nationals. One of the coaches of the academy will be competing at the World Pro BJJ Cup, in Santa Cruz and Alberto himself is getting ready for another MMA bout at the  Called Out MMA event. More at

In Arizona, Gustavo Dantas announces the main sponsor for the upcoming 5th Arizona BJJ International Open, scheduled March 13 & 14th in Mesa, AZ. Many Weapons has been sponsoring BJJ Competitors such as: Gustavo Dantas, Steve Rosenberg, Kristina Barlaan, Issa Able,and the Broadnax Brothers. More at To register at the event, go to

And there is much more. Click here and go to the GMA BLOG.

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