GMA Newsflash

Here is some of the latest that is happening with our members

Leo Leite

In New Jersey, Renzo Gracie Denville, run by George Sernack, will be welcoming world champion Leo Leite for a seminar on January 24th. On the same day, the academy will have its promotion night. More at

Elliot Marshall

In Florida, Marcelo Garcia has promoted another black belt. Marcelo’s head instructor in Pembroke Pines, Henrique Resende, received the graduation earlier this week. More at

The Easton BJJ family, wich includes many GMA members, will be rooting for another victory of Easton BJJ’s black belt instructor Elliot Marshall. He will be fighting Vladimir  Matyushenko, at the UFC Fight Night 21, on March 21st, in Denver, Colorado. More at

In Cincinnati, black belt James Kelly, of the Cincinnati Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, will be hosting its second annual fundraiser event for St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Tony de Souza

Black belts Robin Giesler, from Relson Gracie Columbus, Matt Strack, from Academy Soma, Allan Maganello and Scott Smith, from Louisville, and JohnMeyer , from the Reed Academy of Martial Arts, will all be teaching classes and workshops throughout the day. Other instructors that may attend are pending sokeep checking in to see who is going to be there.The event is scheduled February 6th. More at

Back to the seminar subject, in Ecuador, Alliance Ecuador will be hosting UFC veteran Tony de Souza  for a MMA seminar. More at

In Manhattan, Renzo Gracie is offering a great opportunity for you to learn about the half guard with the highest authority in the subject. Roberto “Gordo” Correa, aka the King of Half Guard, will be teaching a seminar on January 16th. More at

In Abilene, Texas, The GB school will welcome Vinicius Draculino next January 16th. More at

And finally, tonight, Braulio Estima, of GB Birmingham, continues his North America Seminar Tour with a stop at Gracie Barra Vancouver, of Tim Shears. The cost for the class is $ 75 (Canadians dollars). More at

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