GMA help to Haiti

When you think the tragedy is far away from you, you are remembered that it is just next door.

The earthquake in Haiti and the almost total destruction of the country has shocked the world. The UN estimates that close to 100,000 people has died, but there is no way to reach an exact number.

Among such huge numbers, the personal tragedys seem irrelevant, but they aren’t. Browsing through the websites of our GMA associates, we have stumbled upon the history of Mike Desir. He has lost his mother in the tragedy.

Mike and his mom

Mike is a BJJ student at Renzo Gracie Ottawa, owned by black belt Pat Cooligan, in Canada. As usual, after the pain, comes the wish to help and confort. So, Cooligan nad his school decided to give their small but vital contribution to confort Mike and to help Haiti.

On the weekend of January 24th-25th, they are going to host a Trainathon. All the procceds will be donated to the US Red Cross, an organization that is playing a key hole in the aid of the victms.  For more info, go to

The GMA Blog joins the effort to help Haiti. If you want to donate money or help in any way, here are some channels to do it:

In the US, text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts.

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