GB’s Compnet 6 Tournament

Gracie Barra’s sixth Compnet tournament was recently held in New Orleans, and it was a smashing success. Competitors from Texas, South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi participated in the event. “Compnet 6” was Gracie Barra’s first tournament outside of California.

As GB members competed in their matches and made new friends in between, the excitement of the day grew. It became clear to the organizers that this was going to have to be a yearly event. Rafael Ellwanger, who helped organize Compnet 6, was pleased with the results. “The turnout was so great, the Southeast will now have a Compnet event in New Orleans, a week before Halloween, every year,” he says.

During the tournament, Ambassador Diplomas were given to all Gracie Barra professors and instructors who supported the event:

Rafael Ellwanger – GB Louisiana

Fabio Costa _ GB Georgia

Marcio Feitosa – GB America

Brian Davis – GB Arkansas

Joshua Miller – GB South Carolina

Mathias Meister – GB New Orleans

Marco Macera – GB New Orleans

Nic Vanzee – GB Mississippi

Jim Davis – GB Mississippi

Trey Howard – GB Slidell

Matt Hord – GB Slidell

James Allen – GB Franklinton

Shawn Gayton – GB Mandeville

Rusty Edwards – GB Amite

Nathan Lott – GB Springfield

Chris Haley – GB Walker

Jason Galjour – GB Baton Rouge

Robbie Gautreaux – GB Baton Rouge

“A lot of people came to compete and support Compnet 6,” he said, “The tournament was a tremendous success. I’d like to thank everyone for their participation and support and I look forward to seeing everyone again at Compnet 7.”

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