GB calls on instructors for teacher certification and update program

Gracie Barra Association is putting together another round of the GB Instructors Certification Program, and Master Carlos Gracie Jr. is calling on his pupils for this important mission:

“GB team is working hard to make the training sessions available to as many GB people as possible all over the world, and your support in promoting it is going to be really important.

“The program is already open for registration, here. Please advise your staff and instructors, as it is one of the greatest opportunities to be updated on the most recent developments in our teaching methods.

“Each school is allowed to enroll only two members, as we will have to restrict the program to 100 people at this time.

“The GB Instructors Certification Program is free and will be held from October 10 to December 31.

“It represents a very important piece of GB’s effort to promote quality Jiu-Jitsu instruction worldwide. This program will be an awesome venue for streamlining our teaching practices and promoting the high standards we’ve set for our schools, instructors and students.

We are waiting for you.

Carlos Gracie Junior”

For further information click here.

If you teach at a Gracie Barra academy, register now by clicking here!

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