Galvão beats all and nets 11 grand in New York

André in his battle with Bráulio Estima at the ADCC / Photo: John Lamonica

André Galvão is on a tear in No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu. This Saturday in New York, the black belt beat every opponent in his path in nabbing the cash prize on offer at the NYC Ultimate Absolute.

“I had four matches and won them all, I’m pleased as punch,” a joyous Galvão told

Along the way, the Atos representative had to make it past the likes of Antonio Braga Neto and Vinny Magalhães, not to mention his opponent in the final, Rustam Chsiev.

“I tapped out Nolan Dutcher in the first match, then I managed to beat Braga Neto by a sweep in overtime. Now Vinicius “Pezão” [Magalhães] I beat by getting back mount,” André recounts.

“My opponent in the final stalled a lot. The match time was 25 minutes and we didn’t score any points. But I launched a bunch of attacks: omoplatas, kneebars, chokes, footlocks… That earned me the 10,000-dollar prize, and I got another thousand for the finish in my first match,” he elaborates.

Now Galvão’s energy is directed towards the ADCC.

“That’s all I’m thinking about. Davi Ramos and Bruno Frazatto are here helping me out, and Gilbert ‘Durinho’ should be showing up, too. I haven’t given up on MMA. I tried to get into TUF and even had a fight scheduled for August, but it didn’t end up happening. Now Zuffa bought Strikeforce, I’m closer to the UFC, but I’m only focused on the ADCC for now,” he says in closing.

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