Gabriel Marangoni Submits Leo Vieira By Footlock

Gabriel Marangoni picked up a huge win at ACB JJ when he tapped Leonardo Vieira with a footlock.

Marangoni sat early in the match, but Vieira stayed on his feet.  Vieira then moved into Marangoni’s open guard, but stayed on his feet as the two fought for grips.

After two minutes of grip fighting Gabriel turned the tables on Leo and swept him. The two then fought in half guard. Marangoni tried to stand up, but Vieira held his lapel and brought him right back to the ground. Again, Gabriel tried to get up, but Vieira brought him right back down again and again.

The referee moved them to the center of the mat. Vieira was in Gabriel’s half guard. Things were looking up for Leo, but then he made the mistake of trying to stand up. Marangoni then wrapped his arm around Vieira’s ankle and sunk in the footlock. It looked like a painful one, too, going by the way Leonardo winced and grabbed his knee.

Luckily, Vieira was able to stand at the end of the match.

Winner by first round footlock: Gabriel Marangoni!

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