From quarantine, Diego Almeida practices Ginástica Natural to stay in shape

Diego Almeida, 25, has managed to reinvent himself in these times of social distancing. Photo: Personal archive

Diego Almeida, 25, has managed to reinvent himself in these times of social distancing brought about by the new coronavirus. Though it’s still not the time to put on the gi, the black-belt from Seeds 13 has found a new uniform in lightweight clothing that he uses to practice Ginástica Natural, whether at home or at his own gym by himself.

“It’s a way I found to keep my body active,” said Diego, who also represents team Double Five. “This is also a challenge proposed by Alvaro and Raphael Romano online, and I ended up accepting it after Jackson Sousa introduced me to this method. There’s nothing better for a human being than hard work and effort.”

It’s worth noting that Ginástica Natural is a useful method for you to acquire resistance, improve your posture and gain more strength in your techniques. Ginástica Natural uses your own body weight exclusively, so there’s no equipment required.

Watch Diego’s training below and get inspired.

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