From Hawaii to second American Nationals win

The American National Jiu-Jitsu Championship, with sign-ups open till the coming 18th (more here) is coming up this September 25 and 26 in California, and a lot of folks already have their sights set on it, one of the most important events on the American calendar.

Laércio shows off Honolulu Open medals

After sweating up his gi at the Honolulu Open, light featherweight fighter Laércio Fernandes has guaranteed his presence at the event.

“I’m confirming that I’ll be at the American Nationals, an event I won last year. I fought at the Honolulu Open, won my weight division and took third in the absolute, losing in the semifinals to Abmar Barbosa by 2 to 0. Now I’m going to compete at this great event,” says Laércio, who is still making the most of his stay in Hawaii.

“I’m training with the fighter Kala Kolohe, who is going fight at the Heroes Hawaii event this Saturday. During my time here in Hawaii, besides training with Kala, I also trained with Wallace Castro and Nova União Hawaii professors Lorenzo Lima and Leandro Niza. It’s been really cool,” says Láercio, a student of armbar king Givanildo Santana.

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