Frazatto rejoins featherweights

Frazatto in photo by Ivan Trindade.

Bruno Frazatto had been competing the lightweight fray, however, ever since he moved back to the division he always stood out in, the featherweight one, he hasn’t lost. His last win came at the South American Open, in Florianópolis, Brazil, where he was head and neck ahead of his opponents.

“I participated in three events since returning to featherweight, and I won them all. There was the Paulista (São Paulo championship), where I earned my ticket to the Pan in California. This time it was the South American, where I got the submission in two fights with a choke from the back,” he tells

Frazatto will also dispute this year’s World Cup, in São Paulo. Training for 2011 is already going full blast, though.

“Besides the Pan, I’m surely going to compete at the European. We’re already training with those events in mind, at Atos in Rio Claro,” he forewarns.

Still in Santa Catarina state following the South American Open, the black belt will hold a seminar at Brasa Itajaí academy, and on the 11th and 12th of December, at Guarda do Embaú.

“Another who’ll be there is Ricardo De La Riva. I’m going to make the most of it to learn from that source of knowledge,” says the stalwart competitor in closing.

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