Frankie like walking on water, or BJ’s tears?

Frankie Edgar had a lot of pressure to deal with ever since he took BJ Penn’s belt at UFC 112 back in April of this year. First, because his win was contested by fans and specialists. Then, because he would have to reaffirm his status as champion again against Penn, considered by many to be one of the most well-rounded fighters on the Ultimate Fighting Championship roster and the favorite in the rematch.

Photo: Josh Hedges

In the bout at UFC 118 this Saturday, though, Frankie won by a large margin, guaranteeing himself the unanimous decision and second positive result against Penn.

“BJ really brought out the best in me. I knew he’d come in string again. I felt like I was walking on water,” he said in celebration.

Now the defeated combatant in the evening’s main event had a presentation below expectations, especially with so much on the line.

“Frankie fought a great battle. It was the same type of fight as the last one, but he fought me twice and one both by decision. He’s the man, I have nothing bad to say about him,” he laments.

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