Following Worlds, latest Atos ace keeps up winning ways

Ronaldo alongside also world champ Durinho / Photo: Personal archive

One of the Atos aces to enter the scene by storm, winning the Brazilian Nationals, Pan and Worlds at light featherweight, Ronaldo Candido carries on strong in competition. Last Saturday in Las Vegas the brown belt took on the black belts in the Grapplers Quest advanced division and had a splendid display.

“I fought in the under-67kg black belt division. I won a belt and a medal, had three matches in all. The first I won on points, the semifinal by rear-naked choke, and the final by guillotine choke. Thank God I’m keeping up my solid performances in competition. I’ve been practicing a lot of No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu here in San Diego with André Galvão, Bruno Frazatto and Davi Ramos, who has been helping me a lot in training,” he told

Photo: personal archive

“I’m doing a season here in San Diego and it’s been great. I’m learning a lot and I’ll be in any competition that comes up here in California. I’m hungry and want to compete. I’d like to thank Ramon Lemos and the whole Atos team,” he says in closing.

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